WCB Research

WCB Research

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WCB Research

WCB Research

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WCB Research

I have finally figured out everything there is to know on the research WorkSafeBC has been collecting through me from June 12, 2003 – present (May 9, 2013).  It has been 9 years, 11 months, and 27 days.

The information they collected through me is for Research, clinical studies, Disability Behavior Analysis, to improve their claim processing and to update their literature., their internal library catalogue.

The WorkSafeBC Head Office in Richmond, BC employees will not admit that this took place.  I received a letter from the WorkSafeBC Fair Practices Office today (Apr. 23, 2013).  They said that this research did not take place.  They denied everything that I reported to them.

They have their people living in the same complex where I live.  They went through the Strata Council for this complex.  They did  behind the scenes deals.  They either paid for the units with the research money they did not pay out to people that they did research on or they are paying to use the units.  The units used to belong to people who used to own them but have died of old age.  This is what they do to terrorize people they don’t like and also it is a place for them all to hide at.  They can also do prostitution out of the units.  The prostitution is not illegal if it is done inside the units.

Evelyn Switzer, Unit 101. owns an unit here.  She is a consultant  for Safety and Training.  She specializes in Accreditation, Safety and Training.  She has been a Research Co-ordinator in a hospital previously (1978-1985).  She is a registered nurse and is in on it.  Also the other Strata Council Members are in on it too.  They get paid money each week from the WorkSafeBC employees.

They are living throughout Marpole. This has nothing to do with me. It sounds like some of the WCB employees have lost their jobs. Also their family members, their friends and people that are on Social Assistance or were on Social Assistance are involved in their so called research team.

Everyone in Vancouver, BC area was making money off the research they were carrying out through me.  They tracked me so whenever I was in public their people (I guess part of the research team) would show up at the same location as me.  Their people would get free groceries if I was doing our grocery shopping, they would get free coffee drinks and food items if I was at a café and purchasing these, when I went to school they got educational courses, diplomas, and degrees because I took out a $15,000 student loan, if I was buying home items they would get free home items, if I bought furniture they got free furniture, if I bought clothes they would get free clothes.  It was set up this way.  Anything I purchased they got it for free.  Their people got everything for free.  They would give the clerks, managers and security staff prepaid visa cards for participating (having to listen to them surveillance me while I was out in public).  Everyone received this except me.  My friend and his mom received this also.  My sister and brother, niece and nephew received this also.  I was the one that suffered from this.  I received nothing for this.

The people on their network would receive daily text messages.  I think the person would answer a question or make a comment or just simply log in and click on the digital photo of the subject (which was me).  I think this is how the WCB employees kept track of all the research done through me.  The people would receive money to do this.

A lot of their people were First Nations and people from Powell River, BC.  This is the town where I was brought up in.  I didn’t know any of the WCB employees or any of the people from Powell River, BC.  This is why I moved to Vancouver, BC to get away from small town living and work for a living in a city. I noticed other First Nations in across and Canada are involved in this also.

Some of the WCB employees are from Powell River, BC.  Some of them are mixed with First Nations.  It is hard to tell they are First Nations right away.

A lot of the people that participated in this research done through me are the WorkSafe BC employees family members and friends that are on Social Assistance.  They feel sorry for them so they pay them with the research money, give them free rent, new car, new clothes etc.  They want the research money to go to them and to the WCB employees.  I did not receive any money for the 24 hours surveillance they carried out on me in public and where I am living.

What they do is they collect research ideas and collect information to update research that has already been done. They do this by observing people. With me this was done without my consent. Like I said I don’t know any of them. Then they forward the research ideas and the research information they have collected, to research agencies. The research agencies pay them lots of money for this. They pocket the money for this. They don’t bother paying the people they were observing for the research information, or they don’t bother paying the people where they got the research ideas from. This is totally illegal.

They do research on any topic you can imagine. Sex is their favorite topic. They sure keep the hotels busy in Vancouver area. I am sure it is the same across BC and Canada.

The WCB employees sure don’t respect First Nations women.  Same with the people from Powell River, BC.  The people from Powell River, BC that were involved in this were:

Jim Burt (WCB employee)

Janice and Keith Abbott

Denise (Abbott) and Mike Gauthier

Lonnie O’Keefe (Mueller)

Mike O’Keefe

Bob Henderson

There are other people from Powell River, BC that are involved in this but I can’t list them.  If I do they said they will harm or kill me and they will harm and kill other people that are linked to me.

The WCB employees that are involved in this are:

Bill Gillespie

Doug Morris

Connie Stoneburgh

Ron Westman

Celia Jensen

Carol Lawes

Colleen Weatherstone

Darrell Birce

Ian Munroe

Andrea Litke

Jennifer Robinson

Joan Remedios

Colin Robb

When I worked for an outsourcing company by the name of Aramark Office Services that did mail services for WorkSafeBC.  We worked on site at the WorkSafeBC Head Office in Richmond, BC, I did not realize WorkSafeBC did research when I was working and delivering mail to WorkSafeBC.  No one that I worked with would fill me in on it.  I couldn’t figure out why the WCB employees was surveillancing me in the mailroom and at home.   I asked the mailroom supervisor, Craig Thompson, about it and he said I was to never talk about it again.  The WorkSafeBC employees watched me everyday and for every minute on the job.  The WCB employees chose me to do this to because they thought I was a loser.  They don’t like First Nations and also they don’t respect women.  They think women are only good for sex and housework.  I was hand selected in the interview for this job.  The mailroom supervisor received a phone call during the interview.  He was on the phone for a while with the WCB employees.  They were watching me get interviewed by surveillance.

I worked at this outsourcing company for 3 years and 3 months.  I cried almost the whole time I worked there.  It was all the stress from being constantly watched around the clock, 7 days a week.  I worked there from June 13, 2006 – Sept 1, 2006.  My health could not take it anymore so I went to a private college for 10 months.  I started on Sept 4, 2006.  Then I graduated onJuly 31, 2007.

I was working in self storage part-time from Sept 3, 2006 to Nov 3, 2007.  I worked there while I went to school.

I went to Academy of Learning Business College in Richmond, BC, from Sept 4, 2006 to July 31, 2007. I guess one of the reasons they observed me there is so they can get information on how the online courses work since WCB has online courses. All of my courses were online. I am not sure if they had people attending the college the same time as their claimants or coworkers. I am not sure if they were doing studies on the international students that attended the college the same time as me. I am not sure if they were doing studies on the staff that worked there. I noticed there were other First Nations attending this Business College the same time as me. They also wanted to use the digital footage of me doing the online courses at AOL. It is free training for the WCB employees, for their family members and friends and to the people that are on Social Assistance or getting rehabilitated by WCB. Meanwhile I had to get a $15,000 student loan for these courses. This is not right. This is not fair.

Then I worked at an Automotive Clinic for 3 months from Nov 5, 2007 to Jan 31, 2008..

Then I worked for an outsourcing company for accounting part-time from Feb 25, 2008 to July 31, 2008.  I worked for two of their clients.

Then I worked at a labour recruitment company doing accounts payable.  It was from Aug 6, 2008 to Aug 28, 2009.

Then I was on unemployment insurance for two years. Now I know why they had so many people watching me apply for EI and fill out my EI reports. It is because a lot of the WCB employees have lost their jobs. This has nothing to do with me. They can read on the internet how to do this. This is laziness on their part. It is not necessary to be observing me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Then I was on Social Assistance for one year.

Then I was working as a parking lot attendant at a parking company from Jan 20, 2012 to Nov 28, 2012 (11 months).  I took this job because I wanted to understand how and why WorkSafeBC was using me to carry out their research.  They did research on all the companies I have worked for since leaving the mail outsourcing company in Sept 2006.  They would work on the safety and security of their company.  While they were doing this the WorkSafeBC employees would watch me by surveillance everyday on the job and for every minute of my shift.  The managers of the companies liked the money they were making.  The WorkSafeBC employees would pay them money each week.  They didn’t care that I was being hurt on the job by this.  They thought it was funny.  Just as long as it wasn’t them.  They didn’t like First Nations either.

I tried out for six other jobs but they did not work out.  I was too traumatized to make it work.  I didn’t realize the WCB employees were using the information for research.  One job was from Aug 23, 2010 to Oct 1, 2010 (Client ervices Rpresentative for a loans company).  One job was from June 4, 2008 to June 13, 2008 (Accounts Payable Specialist for a computer company).  One job was for a Call Answer Agent for a Telecommunications company from Jan 7, 2010 to Jan 15, 2010. I noticed this Telecommunications company launched with WorkSafeBC a new online provider portal (health solutions) on Nov.28, 2011 (this was the day I got fired at my parking attendant job). How weird. I know the WCB employees plan things like this. They love to terrorize people that they hate. The employer I was working for at the parking company fired me for an unjust cause. I got my EI right away. I never go penalized for this. One job was for a housecleaning position at a cleaning company.  One job was for a barista at a coffee company from Mar 25, 2008 to Apr 3, 2008.  One job was for a coffee company in 2008 (it was for one day).

I worked on the 2011 Census (July 11, 2011 to July 28, 2011).  They sent me to Williams Lake, BC.

I worked for a temporary recruitment company from Oct 15, 2009 – Nov 9, 2009.  I did temporary work for three of their clients.

I am now on Unemployment Insurance since Nov 28, 2012.  I will not work anymore.

The stress from being watched for almost ten years has taken a toll on my health.  I have neck disease, bursitis on my shoulder, knee disease, gum disease and nerve damage in my hands.  I am demoralized from this crime.  I have gained lots of weight.  I am scared to go out in public.  I have received several threats on being raped, that they will kill me or run me off the road in a car or hit me while I am walking out in public.  They have threatened to do a lockdown when I am in the self storage facility where I am storing my items.  They would arrange this with the employees at the Self-Storage facility. Today (May 23, 2013) I found out from my doctor my blood pressure is a little high. It is probably from the weight I gained and also they threaten me everyday, all day and all night long. They love to create chaos and fear.

I have applied for the BC Crime Victim Assistance Program on Feb 26, 2013.  I was denied for this.  They said I had to have solid evidence this research took place.  I don’t understand why BC Crime Victim Assistance Program  won’t just phone or write a letter to WorkSafeBC Head Office asking for a copy of my research file.  Each subject has a research number and file.  They could also ask for a copy of the surveillance report for me.

The female person that lives in the unit above the unit where I am staying has a  male person that WorkSafeBC employees pay money to steal my personal belongings out of the unit where I am staying..  They are able to get access in to the unit.  So far they have taken 9 costume jewellery items, a plastic bin, a shelving unit (when I was moving), $20 bill, full book of bus tickets, my Indian Status card and my id cards that I dropped in the café where WorkSafeBC employees had their people sitting around me on all sides.   These id cards never got handed in to the café owner.  They keep threatening me that they are going to take more of my belongings.

They call my cell phone number all the time.  They won’t talk to me.  They just hang up.

They have watched me during all of my job interviews.  This was embarrassing and demoralizing.  I am a honest person.  I am not a sleazy, dishonest person.  This has been pure hell for me.

I believe it was the WCB employees that arranged to have my BC Student Loans copied on a memory card that was lost by an employee at BC Student Loans. I received a letter from BC Student Loans letting me know what happened and that I could get free fraud coverage for two years for this mishap.

I believe it was the WCB employees that arranged to have CRA review me about my marital status. CRA still owes me for one GST cheque over this. I spent hours researching the marital status topic and sent several letters to CRA disputing that I am single and not common in law.

Why should my health decline because WCB employees are going into businesses that I am working at to carry out their research and improve safety and security at these companies. Why a I being observed while this is taking place? Why are they observing me on every work shift and for every minute of my work shift? Then on top of this the WCB employees pay money to the other employees at these companies to verbally abuse me or make up stories about me so I will get fired, or a warning is put on my file. This is not right, this is not fair. WCB employees did not get my legal consent to observe me for their research, clinical studies and disability behavorial analysis. If you don’t like me stay away from me. Quit threatening me. I don’t know you and don’t want to know you. You think you are god. You’re not. WCB does have a lot of money and power though. I can’t compete with that.

I guess it is embarrassing for the white men that are on Social Assistance or that can’t find or hold down a job. It must be so embarrassing for a First Nations person to be doing better than them emotionally, physically and financially. Why should First Nations people pay the price for your shortcomings. There is no excuse. You can go see a psychiatrist, if you have money go get a coach, you can read self help books and videos. Leave me alone. Why pick on people that want to work for a living?

They have pocketed a lot of research money that they should have paid out to me and to other people.  This is how they all make a living or make extra money.  They get away with this because they join forces city employees, other crown corporation employees, enforcement employees, health care employees, school and university employees.  Everyone is doing research now.  Everyone wants to make extra money.  Then they can retire sooner.  It makes their life easier.

I noticed most of the words, sayings that they use when they are gathering research information off of you is out of Danielle Steel books. I have read several of the books that they were using.

The WCB employees and their research crew don’t know what normal is. Their upbringing has not been good. This is why they observe you to find out how to deal with people, run a household (cleaning, cooking, pay bills-this is also to find out if they can do any fraud on your accounts), how to do household repairs and maintenance, how to buy appliances, what homeowner grants are, what are property taxes, how to buy household items and what to buy for household items, how to buy furniture and what type of furniture to buy. They also have to observe you so they know how to act properly (manners and behavior), how to speak properly, how to groom yourself, what clothes, shoes, coats and bags to buy and how to buy them, how to wear the clothes, how to find a job, how to keep a job, how to book trips for travelling. They also use this information for WCB various uses (research, update literature, clinical studies, disability behavioral analysis). I am not running a foundation or charity in my house or on my jobs. Leave me alone, this is illegal. They set it up this way so people won’t get enough courage to ask for their research money. It is a big scam. The WCB employees always look after the WCB employees that have lost their jobs at WCB and also the people that have retired from working at WCB BC. They have their research crew transported to Vancouver from Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Powell River, Vancouver Island, Gibsons and Sechelt. Talk about human trafficking.

|I seen on the internet that the WCB BC had concerns about job loss and service degradation. There was Telus that had a proposed outsourcing deal to sell the Technical Service Division of WorkSafe BC to Telus. On March 13 Telus had withdrawn their proposal. Apparently the current contract for the Technical Service Division ends in 2010. The WCB employees should not show their anger to me over this. I had nothing to do with this.

Also I read on the internet there was cutbacks at WCB BC in 2001. They cut over 300 jobs. I had nothing to do with this. They should not show their anger to me over this. I had nothing to do with this.

Also there was the Curam Software that on Dec 13, 2005 WCB BC has selected the Curam Business Application Suite to become its claim management system. They will design programs that will replace human discretion. On the internet it sounded like the WCB BC employees were not happy about this. This has nothing to do with me. They have no right to show their anger towards me for this.

I think whatever words I speak it gets converted into text. They have one of those devices that does this. Then the text gets sent out to everyone on their network.

They want me to go out in public everyday so they can use me as an excuse to observe other people. I think some of them are paid rats. I am not involved in this. I don’t believe in ratting on people. I do believe in fighting for my Canadian citizen rights. They want me to go out and spend money so they can get free items. I don’t have money. I don’t have a job. How can I get a job when they are observing me everyday around the clock. They said if anything goes wrong they will blame me for it. I don’t even know them. They said that they will get me later. They are not happy that I am posting this blog. I am allowed to speak. Canadians are allowed to express their views and opinions. This is freedom of speech. Quit threatening and quit observing me. Go make money off someone else.

The WCB employees and their research people all live underground.  They hire people to do their grocery shopping etc.  Some of them even have body guards.  They are scared because they know people are watching them.  A lot of people are not happy that they did not receive all the research money they should have received.

I want to share this with others so they know to not trust the WCB employees and their research methods.  If it was legitimate research they would have gotten my consent for this and would not have done it underground.  They would not be sneaking around while they are doing it.

I noticed a lot of people that are from other countries were not bothered by it.  The countries where they are from are so corrupt.  I was not exposed to corruption when I grew up or when I worked in previous jobs prior to June 12, 2006.

They have threatened me that when I work at my next job they will keep up this research through me.  They will do it until I drop dead.  This is how much they hate First Nations women.  They don’t know me.  The WCB employees never talked to me when I was delivering mail to them at their Head Office.  I have never experienced so much hatred in my whole life.

The outsourcing company that I worked for no longer works at the WorkSafeBC Head Office site. They finished working there in Nov. 2012. The mailroom manager is now working at as a Lead of the Ancillary Services at Health Shared Services BC. He got a job at the Provincial Health Services Authority. I am not sure how the WCB employees feel about this. It has nothing to do with me.

I seen on the internet on June 19, 2012 WCB BC employees got $1400 bonus money. It was for 2011 for savings. I wonder if they get paid bonus money for enrolling more companies in a workplace safety program (like Alberta WCB employees received). It seemed like they were working on this with all the companies I was working at.

Alot of the male WorkSafeBC male employees are not happy that they have made some females pregnant and now they have to support these woman and the children financially.  They sound really angry over this.  This has nothing to do with me.  A lot of the WorkSafeBC employees are not happy the way they are being treated on the job.  This has nothing to do with me.

I didn’t realize that the WCB BC employees got fitness membership discounts at some locations. It looks like one of the locations is Fitness World in Richmond, BC. This is why I cancelled my Fitness World membership. They would not stop observing me while I was there.

The law enforcement and the law makers of BC should need to improve on safety and security in BC.  The WorkSafeBC employees should not be allowed to disable people while doing their research.  They should not be allowed to use surveillance as an electronic weapon.

I want to be compensated by WorkSafeBC for the research done through me.  I want to be compensated for the time they took from me, for the damage they did to my body, for psychological and emotional damage and for loss of wages.  I want to be able to buy new cars, new condo and travel, just like the WorkSafeBC employees and their family members and friends do, with the research money that belong to other people.  They did not pay it out to the people.  Instead the pocketed the money for themselves.

I don’t want to be one of their prostitutes either.

The WorkSafeBC employees have made me sort of virtual.  It is very strange.  That way they would not get killed or harmed physically or emotionally. They would tell everyone that I am one of their people.  I am not, I don’t know them and don’t want to know them.  For inititation they would have the people getting inititated follow me in public  and have them verbally abuse me.  The WorkSafeBC employees would make stories up about me.  They don’t even know me.

I live in fear everyday of my life.  No Canadian should have to live this way.

They have photo contests. They go to the Reiffel Sanctuary the same time and the same day as me and my friend. They show up in their fancy cars and expensive cameras. They are all on Social Assistance. Don’t let them fool you. They are having photo contests. They have nothing better to do. Now they are talking about cooking contests. I will never be able to get rid of this welfare mooches. They are not taking over my life. They are giving my friend money and filling my friend’s head with all this nonsense. The bottom line is they are after my friend’s pay cheques, benefits and life savings. The woman involved make it out that they will really care for my friend. The truth is they don’t give a shit about my friend. They are just after my friend’s pay cheques and money. Watch out for this.

They should take paid cooking classes and paid life skills classes. I don’t want them to keep watching and listening to me and my friend, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are so out of it. They don’t even know how to do grocery shopping (never mind talking and interacting with other people). They have been watching me and following me around in the grocery stores so they know how to go about grocery shopping. Unbelievable. It is not my problem they are clueless. Why should my life get wrecked over this. The law enforcement in BC need to do their jobs. They should stop this elaborate scam.

A week ago my friend had their second major surgery done in a hospital. The reason for this major surgery is from all the stress of this welfare pigs watching us for almost 10 years around the clock. They have not missed a day for the last 10 years. This is criminal. They should be charged for this.

While my friend was at the hospital they watched us everyday, for every minute of the day. They were acting so professional to the hospital employees. I dropped hints to the hospital employees that they were on welfare. They were shocked to hear this. The WCB employees gave money to the hospital employees right away. They probably gave them the right amount of money also because I never heard any of the hospital employees complaining about this. The WCB employees, their friends and family members want jobs there. Also they want to have sex with the nurses there.

Right now I can’t even look for work (they will take over my job applications that I fill out on the computer). They will mess up my computer so I can’t fill out the application. They fill out a job application for themselves. This saves them looking for a job. They are too lazy to do this or don’t know how to do it. When I get ready for an interview they watch me and do the exact thing as me. They watch me get ready for the interview so they know how to dress and act in an interview. They watch me on the way to the interview so when I get to the interview I am stressed right out. They watch me in the interview so that I will look incompetent and not get hired. This is how evil and mentally ill they are. I won’t get hired while being watched by them. This is not fair and it’s illegal. Now I won’t get as much pension when I retire. Now I will be lucky to even get a job. They are jealous of people that do better than them. They are social service mooches. Why should they get away with destroying other people’s lives? It is a big scam. It’s a way to rob people of their jobs, their money, their spouses, their life savings and pension. Watch out for this elaborate scam and crime. They owe me lots of money. It is time for them to take responsibility for this and pay me for all the research information they have taken from me, for the damage they have caused to my body and reputation. They want me to become a welfare loser like them. I don’t want to be like them that is why I worked all my life. I will not stoop to their level.

I have discovered that you are supposed to get $2,000 a week if they observe you at your place of work. If they observe you at home for a week you should be paid another $2,000 a week. For ten years I should be receiving $480,000. This is why WCB employees did want me to find out what was going on. They wanted to pocket all my research money. This is why they keep threatening me. They don’t want me to have this money. This is a lot of money they are scamming off one person. No wonder why they are scared to go out in public. This is why they have body guards at all times. Right now where I am living they are surrounding us. They are living in the top floors in the apartments buildings surrounding us. This is to keep an eye on us, to rob or hurt us so we won’t pursue it any more. It is also for them to keep a look out on whoever passes through the neighbourhood. No wonder CRA wants people to claim research income. I bet a lot of the WCB employees are millionaires and billionaires over this.

This is not right. Why should they get away with it.

The people that are involved in it in the complex where I am living are:

Peter Browne, Unit 106
Linda McCannel, Unit 203
Evelyn Switzer, Unit 101
Joe Javier, Unit 104

They should be charged for conducting illegal surveillance and conducting research without consent and knowledge (no consultation taking place).

They have set up the surveillance in the complex. I am not sure which unit. I think they have given the people access to it that live in this complex. Or they are texting digital photos of us each day. This is illegal. The police should not let them get away with this.

They are to not touch me physically or sexually. If they do I will call the police.

I have been robbed of 10 years of my life. They have destroyed my career, taken my privacy away from me, hurt me physically and emotionally, have wrecked my credit rating. I live in constant fear. I will keep pursuing this until I get justice. Hopefully they will not kill me or black mail me, or harm my friend or my family members.

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